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Chubbies Crispy Fried Chicken

Tender and juicy crispy fried chicken served with French fries, toasted rolls, coleslaw

Add To Any Chicken Meal
1 Extra Piece of Chicken $2.50
White Meat Only $0.99 per piece
Bourbon BBQ Sauce $0.75

Meal Deals

Chicken Only

No Sides

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Top 5 Burgers

Our House made 100% beef burgers served on our signature bun topped with tomato, lettuce and pickle
Served with French fries, house chips or onion ring
Gluten Free Available!

Try Anyone with Chicken or Vegetarian

Rio Size your Burger! Add an extra patty 4.99!


Served with French fries, house chips or onion rings


Oven baked thin crust topped with our house basil tomato sauce

Gluten Free Available!

Additional toppings 1.50 for 10-inch and 3.00 for 16-inch


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